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Suzi & Jim Harriff are both ministers in
 Syracuse. Suzi also does some teaching, and
Jim sells real estate. About twice a year they go
to Rwanda. When they go they bring supplies.
One interesting fact about Rwanda is their
government has banned plastic bags of any
kind. When you get to the airport they are
taken from you. Suzi & Jim have been going to
Rwanda for more then 15 years now. Suzi &
Jim visit us each April  to tell us about the last
trip. We have been helping fund a teacher in
Rwanda so that the children can learn.

Carol & Pete Loveland are both retired school
teachers that live in Lodi,NY. Twice a year they travel to
Haiti. The school that they are helping is in the
town of Port-Au-Prince. They bring supplies and give
the children their shots while they are there. They
generally stay for about fourteen days. The time that
they are there goes very quickly as there is a lot for
them to do. 

     Rick & Sharon LaBouef have been doing mission work in
Ecuador for many years. They have been working very
 closely with the Gideon's to get Bibles into the jungles
 there. Last year we were able to send them one hundred
 and fifty dollars which turned into three hundred Bibles
for the people there. An interesting fact is the Bibles that
 are going into the jungles are camouflaged. The LaBouef's
 are planning on stopping by to see us in April next year for mission month. We are looking forward to seeing them.

Patti and Tim Long began their mission service in Baja
 California, Mexico, in July 1996. Patti ministers as
special education teacher and resource specialist at the
Monte Horeb Baptist Grade School in Tijuana, a
school that reaches out to the most vulnerable of the
city's young population, and its children with special needs. She also coordinates the STEP scholarship program for students at the school. Tim serves in leadership
development through the Baja Baptist Seminary,
teaching present and future church leaders, both at its
Mexicali campus and extension centers located
throughout Baja California. He also coordinates a
scholarship program for seminary students.

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This young man we are sponsoring to help with college.
This child we are sponsoring in kindergarten.
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