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Spencer Federated Church
         People Who Love God, One Another And All People.
Spencer Federated Church
Po Box 321,
70 North Main St.
Spencer, NY 14883
An American Baptisit - United Methodist Church
  We are currently working on our Memorial Garden. We are very thankful to those that have been putting in hours of work to make it so very nice. Thank you to Harry Ritzler, Tim Harris, Greg Brown, and Travis Marshall.
Design By: Rhonda E. Newill (C) 2017
  Phineas Spalding, one of Spencer's first settlers began holding church services in

barns, log houses, and even the woods in 1799.The first local church society was the

Methodist society begun in 1809. Elder David Jayne began the Baptist society a year

later. Meetings were held in a log school house in the woods of North Spencer. This

group eventually split to form several churches. Our church began with a building in

1835, on the corner of Halsey Valley Road and Route 96, adjacent to the cemetery

that is still there. The site is know as Baptist Corners. Around 1853-55 that building

 was moved to its present location, ( 70 North Main St) in the village. In 1871-72 it

was raised and the social hall was added underneath. The steeple spire shown in the

 photo in the front lobby was removed in 1913 after being struck by lighting. The

Methodist congregation joined us in 1924.


We believe that there is one true creator, who made all things and who sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to live among us, die

on the cross to pay our sin debt, and rise in victory over death. We believe that while Christ has returned to the Father, his

Holy Spirit is alive and active among us today. We believe that God has spoken to us through the Holy Bible and accept it as

His inspired word to us, using it as the final authority of direction and instruction for our lives. We also celebrate the Lord's

Supper on a  monthly basis. We believe human beings being sinful in nature and try as they might, cannot attain perfection or

 God's favor by good works. We believe Christ's death on the cross removes our sin and we become acceptable to God

through our faith in Jesus. Our focus as a church is on Christ's love and forgiveness as a free gift to all who would repent and

 accept it. We meet regularly to worship and honor the Lord.

Our Church Board

Pastor - Delma R. West

  Chair - Harry Ritzler

 Morning Worship - Ellen Ritzler

 Christian Education - Thomas Newill

Treasurer - Jackie Marshall

 Mission/ Outreach - Rhonda E. Newill

 Building/ Grounds - Harry Ritzler

 Financial - Paul Estro

 Congregational Care - Amy Estro

 Morning Worship - Linda Frank

Ministry Staff

Pastoral Ministry - Delma R.West

Media Ministry - Rhonda E. Newill

Music Ministry - Wilma Betcher/ Paul Estro

Outreach/Missions Ministry - Rhonda E. Newill

Audio/Video Ministry - Tim Harris, Harry Ritzler

                        Memorial Garden Ministry - Greg Brown, Harry Ritzler,
                                                            Tim Harris, Travis Marshall
                        Christian Education Ministry - Cathy Harris
, Thomas Newill        

Prayer List
        Sunday School 9:30 AM (Ages 3-99)
       Worship Service 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

                  The Dunnemans
                     ( A Gospel Group)
                  Sept. 10th @ 2PM
 Second Annual Ladies Brunch
     And Silent Auction
      Sept. 16th 9:30Am
Goodwill Donation to
Help the Misssion Fund